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Институт стратегического анализа нарративных систем
L'institut de l'analyse strategique des systemes narratifs
Інститут стратегічного аналізу наративних систем



by Constantin von Hoffmeister

I am in favor of anarcho-capitalism. One merely has to look at the current space programs. The one by NASA is in a deadlock. NASA announced that it would send the next manned mission to the moon in 2020. Why so late? If they were already up there, which is highly doubtful (especially considering the convenient "accident" of NASA having lost all original film footage of the "moon" [studio] missions recently), why does it take them so long to go there again? This is ridiculous. Every time a space shuttle explodes, NASA halts its missions because of all the bullshit melodrama. This is for sissies! Every astronaut that dies is a hero to the sacred cause of space colonization. To honor the dead astronauts, they should send a mission again right away instead of stalling. HAIL KOSMONAUTUS! Forget NASA if we ever want to get anywhere near true planet colonization and terraforming! Anarcho-capitalism can help true visionaries realize their own space programs. Without restrictions from the state, private investors can launch their own rockets and space ships. If profit is the incentive, then capitalists will use all means at their disposal to send men into space. If one man is lost in the process, the next one will be already in line, if only to make a quick buck. And that is a good thing. The White race has profited from capitalism over millennia. The East India Company's rule over India was essentially the rule of an anarcho-capitalist organization as the company did not have to answer to any government. It set up its own army and a governing structure based on profit-making principles. This is how several hundred thousand Englishmen were able to rule over 400 million Indians. The New World was conquered and exploited, for the benefit of the White race, because of a profit-motivated quest to discover new natural resources (especially gold). Man is selfish by nature, especially the White man who, throughout history, has always resisted being submerged into any kind of collective system (be it Communism or Fascism). This individualist and egotist nature of the White man can be viewed as a positive trait if one takes into consideration that through the selfish drive of a few capitalists and entrepreneurs the whole of the White race can ultimately benefit.

I am in favor of any kind of system (economical or ideological) that promotes the welfare of our race. In this sense, I am both a socialist and a capitalist. Today, capitalism is more feasible for our aspirations. Yesterday, socialism was acceptable because it supported the imperial nature of the USSR which was essentially pro-European in its design. Of course, a completely anarcho-capitalist society would be taken over by capitalists. But does this have to be a bad thing? I would say no since competition always produces better results. This is true in an economical sense, but might also be true on a political plane. Right now, only the state is allowed to run certain kinds of services, such as security and military services. If these two areas where privatized, competition would produce a better army and more efficient security. Also, if the state would wither away, competition would result in more efficient systems of running a society.

NASA, the most important space agency in the world, is not doing anything to promote active space colonization. What have they achieved so far in this regard? Almost nothing! Why do they want to go back to the moon? And why will it take so long? Why do they not send people to Mars as soon as possible? NASA is wasting time and money. A capitalist corporation, not an individual capitalist, could plan and execute a manned mission to other planets more efficiently than NASA, simply because a capitalist corporation would not waste money since it is profit-driven. A capitalist corporation could finance a space project that would last for several generations if the perceived end results were worth the investment and the effort. The state is too much concerned with issues of safety and too bogged down in endless "planning stages." A capitalist enterprise can brush aside those hindrances and offer monetary incentives to volunteers. For the right amount of money, any volunteer would risk his or her life. If a corporation benefits from space missions, the race will benefit since the drive for expansion and the lust for power are the nuclei of European capitalism and the genetic makeup of Aryan mankind.

Compared to feudalism, capitalism is progressive. Compared to capitalism, socialism is progressive. Capitalism which is lorded over by the state is regressive as it cannot totally fulfill its role as a generator of human progress. A civilization can only be propelled into the technocratic age through an adamant application of all available resources into the establishment of a sound and advanced space program. Without a space program, the White race will not be able to fulfill its role of the ever expansionist subspecies that it is. Anarcho-capitalism would enable individual capitalists to use their geniuses and financial resources to take men into space, without being obstructed to do so by the repressive state. Different individual capitalists have different incentives to participate in the space race. Whatever their reasons may be, through their individual effort they contribute to the collective Faustian drive of White mankind. Since state-controlled capitalism is in league with high finance, it is not fully dedicated to exploiting all possibilities of space colonization. State-controlled capitalism does not see any large financial gains in such an endeavor. Individual capitalists, however, have several reasons to take steps to leave Terra, some of the reasons having visionary undertones.

Of course, a Communist state would be best suited for space colonization. This has been proven with the Soviet Union which sent the first satellite (Sputnik) and the first man (Yuri Gagarin) into space. A Communist state is not interested in financial gains but only in progress. As opposed to a capitalist state, a Communist state encourages talented individuals to contribute to the collective effort to realize the Promethean directive. As opposed to a capitalist state, a Communist state lends active support to individuals who are willing to use their skills for the good of the people. Hence, in a Communist society, there would be no need for individual capitalists to realize space projects. After all, these same individuals would be co-opted by the benevolent state. Communism equals materialized visions!



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